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  (Franšais) eDocPrinter PDF Pro Installation (French)  Popular
Description: Full installation package of eDocPrinter PDF Pro with default UI in French and user's guide in French. A standalone Users' guide in French is available in a separate download link.
Version: 6.68.5772 Filesize: 4.66 MB
Added on: 31-Jan-2011 Downloads: 3310171
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Category: International (x86)

  (EXE) eDocPrinter PDF Pro Installer (EXE)  Popular
Description: New Features: 1) Drag2PDF toolbox, Redirect2Print, Command2Action... 2) Word Form ==> PDF Form 3) Multiple profiles MUI (Multi-Lingual UI) Support, (English, German, French,Italian, Danish, Dutch, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, and Spanish), N-up, Adding Custom Form, Manually scaling, Auto Hyperlink, URL link action for textwatermark, PDF Merge by Insert Before, Append to, and Overlay, PDF-stationary, Auto Bookmark Detection and Generation, Optimized for Fast Web View, Destination control, DPI change on the fly, and .... This installation contains the formal release of eDocPrinter PDF Pro. This one contains the user's guide in English.
Version: 6.91.6301 Filesize: 4.81 MB
Added on: 25-May-2015 Downloads: 968669
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Category: x86 Installers

  (EXE) eDocPrinter PDF Pro Terminal Server Installer (EXE)  Popular
Description: It now installs PropAdm Add-on automatically and includes Dummy Port Add-on installation in the shortcut. Support global setting for all users and mandatory watermark imposing on all users. Fixed save to network drive mapped in logon shell and remapped drive from local client in Citrix environment. Base on our runtime detection/adjustment, terminal server edition shares the same installation package as Full Installation package. Running under remote terminal client will stamp another prompt watermark after page 3 if no proper license installed or using unregistered verion.
Version: 6.68.5772 Filesize: 4.81 MB
Added on: 31-Jan-2011 Downloads: 574568
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Category: International (x86)


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