eDocPrinter PDF Pro

eDocPrinter PDF Pro/eDocPrinter PDF Pro Terminal Server

eDocPrinter PDF Pro creates PDF files from applications in
Windows 2000, Windows XP, or above . It works as a printer under windows
environment, hence users can print from whatever application utilizing windows
GDI printing device.

eDocPrinter PDF Pro natively supports Windows Terminal Service Environment and Citrix
terminal service environment of Windows 2000 Server / .Net Server.
By our proprietary run-time detection and auto configuration, a single
installation package is available to download for both on ordinary
windows environment and terminal service environment. Terminal Server License
should be purchased for running under Terminal Service Environment.

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eDocPrinter PDF Pro provides basic functions like
compression, font embedding, and document information setting. It gives fully
support of TrueType Font embedding. By native Unicode support, it handles DBCS (CJK,
Chinese, Japanese, Korean) correctly, including subset embedding and vertical
layout support. Hence users can print multilingual documents from English
Windows versions. Though costing only $29, eDocPrinter PDF Pro also supports
many advanced features like N-up, adding security setting,
auto link detection, auto bookmark (outlines) generation, watermark support (text,
image, and compound), automatically email PDF file as attachment, optimized for
fast web view, destination control (silent printing, merge with existing PDF by [Insert before],
[Append to] or [Overlay], create PDF layers and etc...

Both image and text watermark functions support rotate (-360~360
degree), opacity (PDF 1.4 Transparency), auto centered, and so on. By our
proprietary smart alignment, user can add and place text watermark easily. For
example, auto size and auto diagonal placement of text watermark. Try it
yourself to see how easy it is.

eDocPrinter PDF Pro supports automatical link detection action including
patterns like http://, https://, ftp://, mailto:, www., someone@somecom.com. It
also supports add URL link action to text watermark. Users can specify their
preference of border type, color, line style, size and link text color in the
setting dialog.

eDocPrinter supports standard security setting (both 40bits and
128bit strong encryption). The dialog simplify users assigning permission of the
document generated.

eDocPrinter PDF Pro supports Auto Bookmark Generation by matching Text attributes with user defined templates.
(No need of extra application dependent macros or plug-ins)

(1) Multi-matching condition including of Font Family, Font Size, Font Style and Font Color.

(2) Support Range matching for Font Size.

(3) Intuitive bookmark tree preview for user defined templates

(4) Unlimited bookmark levels

(5) Navigation working smoothly with N-up

(6) Intelligent word collection for multiple TextOut

(7) Multi-line bookmark merge capability

(8) Bookmarks are in Unicode (CJK can be represented correctly and portably)

(9) Support auto-insertion empty bookmark nodes if users enable matching regardless of level restriction.

(10) Load and Save bookmark templates into archive.

eDocPrinter supports 3 modes for sending generated PDF file as
attachment to the recipients assigned by user. From the simplest launching
default email client (like Outlook Express) to sophicasted direct SMTP
connection. In the SMTP mode, user can adjust the setting to enable support of
authentication mode or special port number.

Since Ver 5.5, eDocPrinter PDF Pro supports merging with existing PDF by
[Append to] or [Insert Before]. When the existing PDF contains different
password security settings, users have to provide the original owner password in
order to finish the merging operations.

Since Ver 5.58, eDocPrinter PDF Pro supports PDF-Overlay. It can
be used as easily as Merge by choosing Merge by [Overlay] . In addition to this
mode, users can also assign a PDF as template for overlaying. In the simplest
case, it is equivalent to have PDF-stationary using this template PDF. Multiple
pages PDF is also allowed for overlaying. In such case, it is very similar to
print on used paper in real world. Just the result is a PDF file instead of
paper. Users can control options for overlaying in Destination property page.
When the destination page size is different from the one in template PDF, the
overlay will doing stretch fit to fill the whole page for overlay. Of course,
this function can be disabled from the options.

When the existing PDF contains different
password security settings, users have to provide the original owner password in
order to finish the overlay operations.

Since Ver 6.00, users can create layers in PDF when overlaying
the content.
Though the [PDF Layer] is new concept in
PDF 1.5, it is compatible with earlier versions of Readers. Just the PDF will be viewed as no layer in earlier versions. Only Reader version supporting
"Layered PDF" feature will display layers and make users to control the visibility of layers.

eDocPrinter PDF Pro provides creating layers in an application independent way.
Users can create and add new layers from any applications. Developers can
automate the layer creation process as simple as controlling eDocPrinter PDF Pro
as before.

The option "Overlay with" provides a simple way for defining stationary as a PDF file. The template PDF can be single page or multiple pages. It shares the similar action as "Merge by [Overlay]". Just "Merge by [Overlay]" will replace the existing PDF with the new PDF. And in "Merge by [Overlay]", the new generated PDF is treated as stationary by default. Users can change the settings for "Merge by [Overlay]" and "Overlay with" by clicking the "Option" button after the option "Overlay with". Users can override settings like the fit mode, overlay or underlay ("As background"), default layer name, or etc.

When the option "Support multi-level Layer Name with delimiter /" is enabled, the layer name will be parsed with delimiter slash. For example, "/Top Level/Category II/Sample Layer" will create a layer named "Sample Layer" under the tree structure "/Top Level/Category II/". When this option is on, the layer with the same name will also be grouped as an single layer rather than creating a new layer with the same name.

Since Ver 6.02, eDocPrinter PDF Pro supports Word-Addon for converting internal links, cross-references, TOC, and etc. into PDF links. It also supports converting heading styles in Word document into PDF bookmarks (outlines).
Users can choose proper settings from the preference dialog of the add-on or

By the utilizing COM Add-in, administrators can easily deploy the addins for all users on multi-user Windows server environment or Terminal Server Environment. Administrators can choose to select [Enable Addins for All Users] when installing. Or Administrators may write the necessary add-in registry under [HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Word\Addins] or proper addin key for Excel, PowerPoint, or other applications. The COM component of add-in is in the installation directory of eDocPrinter PDF Pro. Administrators can use [regsvr32.exe] to register or un-register the component to install or remove the addins.

In Word 97 Environment, users need an extra small macro [epdf97.dot] to enable the add-in. The macro is installed automatically when detecting Word 97 installed.

When opening Word, if users have the [Security Warning] dialog popped for Word-Addon macro, users may select [Trust All Installed Addins and Templates] in [Office applications -> Tools -> Macros ->Security].

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