TECHNOTE - Embedded Text Commands for eDocPrinter PDF Pro Automation

Embedded Commands for eDocPrinter PDF Pro

Since Ver 6.03 Build 2806, eDocPrinter PDF Pro supports embedded commands in normal text strings. This provides a convenient way for automation of controlling eDocPrinter PDF Pro without any special API or registry read/write operations.

The settings for [Embedded Commands] are in the same property page of [Links]. Users have to check ON the option "Enable detecting embedded commands" to process commands.

Because the embedded commands are processed after print jobs starting, settings of Email, DocInfo, and Destination (except for those related to prompting SaveAs dialog) can be overridden in the current print job.

In addition to overriding the settings current print job, users can also send special commands to enter "Profile Update" mode. In this mode, the settings will be flushed into registry. And these changes will not be effective until next printing job.

To test embedded commands, please first check ON the option "Enable detecting embedded commands" in the "Link" property page. And print this file into eDocPrinter PDF Pro.

Demonstration and Usage Guide of Embedded Commands for eDocPrinter PDF Pro

Ver 6.10 build 3390, a new command JobSplitPDF is added for forcing create a new
PDF since next page. That is split a single PDF into several ones depending on
the location page of JobSplitPDF. With this command, developers can easily doing
batching processing based on a single print job, e.g., a single query of
database with generating for 1000 users in a print job but forcing to split into
1000 PDF files and send to the correct corresponding user. For more details and
other enhancements, please refer to the above embedded commands usage guide.

Below is a sample doc for demonstrating utilizing
new command JobSplitPDF with Word Mail Merge functions and settings directly
without adding extra macros.

Download Sample
Form Letter
, and Sample
Data Source

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